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Speed limits are imposed for public safety and should be properly set to be consistent with safety, road conditions and traffic flows.  Proper enforcement of speed limits for all classes of vehicles should be given greater emphasis.

BRONZ Inc Policy:

BRONZ Inc supports reasonable speed limits and their enforcement.  Speed does not kill rather, inappropriate speed for the conditions may be a major factor of road crashes. Speed limits should:

  • Be set having regard to safety, road conditions, traffic flows, and location;
  • Allow for a greater range of limits for regulating bodies;
  • Should be properly enforced for all classes of vehicles, and greater emphasis should be given to heavy vehicles and truck and trailer combinations;
  • Should allow for a 5% tolerance for all enforcement methods, not the current situation of a 104 km/hr if detected by radar as opposed to a 110 - 120km/hr if detected by speed cameras;
  • Be reviewed for Limited Speed Zones.  The current test is so subjective that most drivers see these zones as a right to travel at 100km/hr rather than the required 50km/hr in certain circumstances.


BRONZ Inc supports properly set and enforced speed limits.  Speed limits should be set having regard to safety, road conditions and traffic flows.

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