Bikers Right Organisation Of New Zealand
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New Zealand's Justice System should be based on the principle of being fair and equitable to all. It should recognise the different needs of its clients and determine them appropriately.

BRONZ Inc Policy:

BRONZ Inc supports the principle of the justice system being fair and equitable to all of its clients.  In being fair and equitable, motorcyclists acknowledge that:

  • Every individual must accept responsibility for their own actions;
  • The justice system must exist to determine actions against individuals and groups, and act according to the best community interests, based on the facts before it;
  • Delays to actions and prosecutions must be kept to a minimum, justice delayed is justice denied;
  • Sentencing must be appropriate, having regard to all of the circumstances presented and revenue considerations should not be considered.


BRONZ Inc supports the principle of a fair and equitable justice system for all.  Justice must be done without delay with reference to all of the facts placed before it with appropriate determinations.  There can be no place in the justice sentencing system for revenue collection.

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