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Motorcyclists recognise the environmental hazards which can result from air and noise pollution and the development of road and communication networks.  While accepting a share of the responsibility, they also seek an equitable balance between environmental factors and the rights of the individual.  Motorcycles in many circumstances may have less impact on the environment than other vehicles.

BRONZ Inc Policy:

BRONZInc supports the need for sustainable growth in conjunction with a responsibility for the environment.  A well planned and maintained road system, integrated with other transport modes will reduce the adverse impact caused by developing New Zealand's infrastructure.  In particular, acknowledge that:

  • Government and every individual must accept responsibility for the environment;
  • There must be a balanced and equitable approach to determining environmental counter measures;
  • Controls must recognise the need for personal mobility for family, social, and educational purposes, and the movement of goods and services;
  • A well designed and maintained roading network, integrated with other transport systems will provide maximum environmental benefits;
  • Transport policies should recognise the need for freedom of movement and integrate roads, public transport, land, and recreational areas with environmental factors;
  • Transport must be safe, reliable, comfortable, and cost effective;
  • City Councils must be encouraged to provide in their transport management plans, for policies to encourage the use of motorcycles in city areas, as cost effective and space efficient commuter vehicles with less impact on the environment than the current majority of city vehicles;
  • Planned recreation areas for off road motorcycles should be encouraged and designed to minimise the environmental impact.


BRONZ Inc supports an adequate and safe roading network that is essential for most citizens as private transport provides access to employment, shopping, and recreational activities.  Future planners would do well to consider the motorcycle as a viable transport option, particularly in our main city areas.

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