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Drafts of all legislation relating to road users should be circulated for consultation with those road users primarily affected by the proposed changes, and other interested parties.

BRONZ Inc Policy:

BRONZ Inc supports the view that all intended legislation should be circulated for comment and consultation by the users primarily affected by the legislation. In particular:

  • All road users affected by any new legislation should be circulated;
  • There should be an avenue to receive feedback and incorporate any changes suggested and agreed;
  • When assessing road users who will be affected, this should be established by using the widest possible criteria, while certain groups may not be directly affected, there may be an impact on them;
  • There must be adequate time given for reply and consultation, (most interested groups are voluntary organisations);
  • Interested groups must be given the opportunity to suggest amendments to existing legislation, as well as new legislation.


BRONZ Inc supports the view that any proposed changes to legislation be circulated for the widest possible comment and consultation. Time for comment and consultation should reflect that many of the groups to be consulted are voluntary.


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