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The standard of road user education should be raised to encompass all aspects of road use.

BRONZ Inc Policy:

There needs to be a re-assessment of current road user education policies with a view to raising the current standard. In particular:

  • There needs to be an equity in the testing procedure with no unreasonable inhibiting factors placed in the way of motorcyclists;
  • A provisional type license to allow motorcyclists to attend training schools is seen as a necessity;
  • Current speed restrictions on open highway during the restricted phases of a motorcycle license should be repealed as this requirement does little other than expose the motorcyclist to unnecessary danger;
  • There is no proven benefit from compulsory driver/rider training, and the instigation of such policies, pending evidence to the contrary, needs to be revisited;
  • The current time frame allocated to practical testing needs to be more sensibly related to mileage to take account of metropolitan areas as opposed to provincial and rural areas.  Testing in metropolitan areas and rural areas should be revisited to ensure that the same requirements are imposed in all areas.


BRONZ Inc supports the raising of the current standard of road user education.  There should be an equity in testing procedures.

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