Bikers Right Organisation Of New Zealand
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New Zealand's roading system is primarily designed for cars and heavy vehicles, and as such does not always provide for safety of motorcycles.  The motorcyclist, therefore, is keenly aware of the construction of our roads.

BRONZ Inc Policy:

BRONZ Inc supports the view that it is vital that all road users are considered by roading engineers and planners.  Funding to Transit New Zealand must reflect the commitment of government to a safe national roading structure. In particular:

  • Planning must look to the future, where, based on current trends, there will be increased volumes of traffic in all categories, private, commercial and public;
  • There are many different types of road user, in the planning and maintenance of our roading system it is vital that all users are considered;
  • Better funding levels would provide resources for consultation, research and innovation;
  • More accountability is required to ensure local authorities and Transit New Zealand maintain safe roads and a constructive consultation process with local road user groups;


BRONZ Inc supports consultation with all road users when planning and maintaining our roading network.  Better funding levels to those responsible for our roads will provide resources for this consultation, research and innovation.

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