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All taxes levied on transport by either petrol tax or road user charges should be spent on the area of roading.  The introduction of toll roads is not supported, but if introduced, clear guidelines would be required.

BRONZ Inc Policy:

Petrol Tax and Road User Charges:
BRONZ Inc supports the view that all taxes levied for the improvement of roading should be spent in this area.  There is clear evidence that an amount of the money collected is applied to the consolidated fund.  In particular, taxes imposed for roading and improvements should:

  • Be imposed on the users in proportion to their use, in particular having regard to the size and weight of the vehicle using the road;
  • Be paid on collection into a specific fund for this purpose;
  • Not diverted to other funding other projects or government debt or expenditure;
  • Be applied to areas as required to enhance the safety of our roading networks.

Toll Roads:
BRONZ Inc does not support the concept of toll roads.  Our roads should be funded by the revenue collected for the purpose.  If toll roads are introduced, then clear guidelines should be established:

  • and cost over-runs should be the responsibility of the contractor, and not incorporated into the revenue collected by tolls;
  • and tolls should only be collected until the cost of the road is paid for and not just continued infinity.


BRONZ Inc supports the view that all taxes collected for the improvement of our roading should be spent on this area and not diverted to other areas.

BRONZ Inc does not support the introduction of toll roads, but if these tolls on roads are introduced, clear guidelines must be established.

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