Bikers Right Organisation Of New Zealand
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The Land Transport New Zealand (LTNZ) should work with recognised representatives of road user organisations, such as BRONZ Inc, within agreed time frames.

BRONZ Inc Policy:

The LTNZ should consult with affected groups when considering legislation.  In particular:

  • The LTNZ should work with recognised representatives of road user organisations;
  • Consultation should take place within agreed time frames;
  • Legislation by regulation, without proper consultation, and seemingly not on a sound foundation for local conditions certainly needs improvement.  This can only be achieved by a proper consultation process being put in place rather than "loaded" alternatives being given in papers produced for comment by LTNZ;
  • It is considered quite inappropriate to base New Zealand legislative and regulative procedures on comparative analysis with European countries.  Such analysis is not necessarily an accurate basis for changes in this country by virtue of road conditions, kilometers traveled, population, and driving conditions.


BRONZ Inc supports consultation by the LTNZ with recognised road user organisations.  Consultation must take place within agreed time frames.

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