Bikers Right Organisation Of New Zealand
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To promote road safety through road user education.

Education rather than legislation saves lives.

To protect and promote the rights of the motorcyclist to decide his/her own future as a road user.

Let those who ride decide.

To promote and protect the general welfare of the motorcycling public.


These papers are for the use of the BRONZ INC National Executive and all BRONZ branches in their dealings with the media, motorcycle clubs and any other interested group or organization dealing with BRONZ.

Policy Index:

International Organisations

Land Transport Safety Authority Policy

Motor Vehicle Inspections

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Petrol Tax and Toll Roads

Road Markings, Carriage Ways and Road Furniture

Road User Education

Road User Legislation

Traffic Enforcement - Speed Limits

Taxation of Safety Clothing and Equipment

The Environment

The Justice System

The Rights of the Motorcyclist

Traffic Enforcement - Speed Cameras & Flying Squads

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