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BRONZ Achievements

Set out below are a number of activities that BRONZ has been or is currently involved in:

  1. The proposed substantial increase in motorcycle registration costs mooted by the government some years ago was vehemently opposed by BRONZ and resulted in four representatives of our organisation presenting submissions to the select committee reviewing this particular matter.  The results of that exercise were reflected in what was in effect a slight decrease in motorcycle registration costs.
  2. Comment and submission was made on registration labels and plates and while the labels may now be with us, we did achieve the free supply of holders for all motorcycles.  As far as registration plates are concerned, because of our representation, there are now two alternatives available, which should accommodate all types of motorcycle,
  3. A vast amount of work was done on Land Transport New Zealand (LTNZ) "Graduated Driver Licence Review", a series of nine discussion documents having been reviewed, and substantial submissions prepared.  This included submissions on the current learner speed limit of 70km/hr on the open road and submissions on learner riders being restricted by horsepower rather than cc rating.
  4. Of recent times BRONZ has become affiliated with the Australian Motorcycle Council, and through this organisation information is passed to us to monitor and lend a voice to issues affecting motorcyclists around the world.
  5. BRONZ has just completed substantial submissions to the ACC on the review and consultation relating to motor vehicle premiums, the scheme's reserves policy, and the premium structure, BRONZ and the ACC have been involved for many years.  BRONZ organised the largest motorcycle protest run from all over New Zealand to parliament, with some 3000 motorcyclists in attendance.  We were addressed by Liane Dalziel MP, the opposition spokesperson on ACC, who was heard to mention that this was the largest group that she had ever addressed.  Our involvement with the policies and operation of the ACC will continue to ensure the motorcyclists voice is heard and taken into account.
  6. We have recently been in, what could be best described as a sparring match with the previous Minister of Transport, the Hon Maurice Williamson, on the application of funds generated by speed cameras.  It is our contention that this revenue should not disappear into the Consolidated Fund, but should be directed to issues associated with road safety, which the $29m plus generated per year would certainly assist.
  7. We have promoted an Annual Ride to Work Day, to raise the profile of motorcycling, and to show the country at large the extent of the interest in motorcycling and to allay the perception that we are all a pack of hoons.
  8. In association with our Australian contacts we are endeavouring to monitor the situation in Britain and Europe, particularly in respect of airbags, leg protectors, compulsory safety clothing, compulsory daytime riding lights, horsepower limits, restriction on motorcycle modifications or after-market add-ons, and the escalating insurance costs.  The list of items in this particular category is almost endless and is quite frightening when the power of international bodies governing motorcycling are fully appreciated.  We believe that whatever regulations come into force in the northern hemisphere will ultimately be imposed on riders in Australia and New Zealand.
  9. We are endeavouring to obtain access for submissions on New Zealand standards in terms of road furniture, which is currently formulated in Australia with a New Zealand representative sitting on that regulatory body.  Obviously what is applicable in Australia is not necessarily applicable in New Zealand, and a classic example would be the current status of roundabouts, which in New Zealand have no construction standard.  Currently there is a guideline produced by the LTNZ, but basically the various local authorities do their own thing, resulting in numerous different layouts throughout the country.
  10. We have been involved in working parties with the LTNZ in regard to road furniture, the standards association, and intersections.
  11. We have made submissions to the LTNZ on the continuous registration of motor vehicles, and in particular in relation to exemptions.
  12. Submissions have been made on the "long green line" and for example, Taranaki have been successful in lobbying their local authority to require stock trucks to be equipped with effluent tanks and providing emptying facilities for them.
  13. To date we have had one member on an Automobile Association Regional Council and are looking for suitable candidates to increase that number until such time as we have a New Zealand wide coverage.
  14. BRONZ has developed and issued position papers for use of all areas in their dealings with the media or government agencies, or any other interested groups on the following topics:
    These position papers are available by clicking on the different sub menu items of the left hands side of this site.


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